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About LifeSpan Technologies


We make commitments that we can keep,

and keep the commitments that we make.


LifeSpan Technologies provides objective, precise, and timely condition assessment information services to owners of large structural assets.  This allows for more optimal management of critical infrastructure resources, typically saving many times the initial investment.

Founded in 2003 by a team of experienced engineering executives; LifeSpan is focused on delivering high reliability, long-duration structural health monitoring solutions; from manual sensing devices to turn-key automatic systems.

Here are the details:

EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS: We do it right the first time.  Only licensed electricians and supervisory engineers install our systems with adherence to rigorous safety standards.

LONG DURATION: Our system controller technology is trusted by companies around the world for use in demanding 7 x 24 environments.  One of our systems in the Northeast is operating in its ninth year; with no intervention for maintenance.  And it’s still operating with the original solar recharged batteries.  Another LifeSpan system was subjected to an earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale, and continued operation with no damage.

HIGH RELIABILITY: Our data center achieves measured reliability in excess of 99.999% – that’s less than thirty seconds of down time per month.

Owners can confidently employ LifeSpan’s 21st century condition assessment technology as a means to Safely Extend Asset Life.

Finally, we support our client’s critical asset management programs by meeting the highest levels of business standards:

    • Providing only what’s needed to support difficult management decisions.
    • Providing solutions that maximize the owner’s return on investment.
    • Providing highly reliable, industrial-strength hardware, software, and installation services.
    • Providing professional, long-term support services with absolute integrity.


We think you will find LifeSpan’s staff and services supportive of your business objectives, and capable of adding significant value to your operations.  Please contact LifeSpan Technologies and discover how you can Safely Extend Asset Life, drive lower life cycle costs, and improve risk management.

Our sustainability statement is detailed on the tab near the top of this page.




PeakStrain (TM) is a Trademark of LifeSpan Technologies.

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