Delivering Value to Owners


Did you ever consider if the life span of a bridge, parking deck, building, or other major structure can be safely extended, even though visual inspection concludes that the structure is deficient?

Like many owners, you may not be satisfied with replacing major structures based upon subjective, visual inspections.  Now you can obtain the highly precise, objective condition information necessary to support these difficult decisions while achieving a return on investment and enhanced safety.


Adding Value with Improved Condition Assessment:


    • More precise, objective condition assessment drives safe life span extension and lower life cycle costs.
    • Structural monitoring of known or suspect defects can reduce inspection costs and enhance safety.
    • Operational risks can be quantified and managed more effectively.
    • Load carrying capacity may be safely upgraded with more objective information on structural response.
    • Damage from permitted overloads or nearby construction can be documented for insurance recovery.
    • Maintenance actions can be based on assessed condition, not just time intervals.
    • Detours may be avoided – lowering user costs, minimizing collateral damage and reducing air pollution.

LifeSpan Technologies offers on-demand services for capturing, storing, and presenting highly precise, objective information that is used to more accurately assess the condition of structural assets before financial decisions are made.