Progressive Diagnostic Protocol


LifeSpan’s structural condition assessment solutions can be compared to a doctor’s progressive diagnostic protocol.  We typically start with simple solutions, carefully working our way over time to more complex solutions, but only if it’s necessary for a comprehensive diagnosis that provides actionable information.

    • We generally begin diagnostics using a lower cost approach, providing baseline structural information.
    • As we learn how the structure reacts to various applied loads, we can progressively install more complex condition assessment technology, but only when justified by the additional information needed and added cost.
    • Our aim is to spend only what’s necessary to justify an action for the structure; whether repair, replacement, or simply continued monitoring of known or suspect defects for enhanced safety.


We consider our proprietary PeakStrain sensor technology the most efficient initial step in a progressive diagnostic protocol because it’s:

    • Inexpensive – in manual or automatic systems,
    • Fast – rapid installation and data capture,
    • Simple – highly reliable hardware and software, and
    • Passive – peak strain data can be captured without power.