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Using LifeSpan’s technology, Safely Extending Asset Life or removing unnecessary load postings has the following direct impact on natural resources:

    • Reduced consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel as heavier trucks no longer have to detour to other bridges.  This reduces air pollution, oil imports and carbon dioxide emissions.
    • Reduced repair of secondary roads which were negatively impacted when detours were required.  This minimizes the amount of asphalt required, further reducing imported oil.
    • Zero requirements for new concrete and steel for a replacement bridge, which reduces energy requirements and unnecessary raw material consumption.
    • Reduced requirements for disposal of removed steel and concrete from the existing structure into C&D waste landfills which is expensive and consumes landfill capacity needlessly.
    • When technically appropriate, LifeSpan systems are solar powered, reducing demand on the electrical grid.

Load rating improvements reduce commute and delivery times for cars and trucks, making workers more productive and businesses more competitive.

Funding demand is reduced, so that scarce funds can be targeted at the bridges that need immediate repair or replacement; providing an enhanced return on investment and lower overall system risk.