Configurable Solutions Process


Since condition assessment solutions are unique to each structure and owner’s situation,  LifeSpan Technologies draws upon the experience of its principals, business partners and customers to provide customized strategic solutions using a three-step process.


Step 1.  Problem Definition – LifeSpan meets with its customers and carefully defines the unique aspect of the problem, leading to an understanding of the key factors affecting any particular situation.  LifeSpan then conceptualizes a solution configured to meet the unique needs of one or a group of structural assets.  Since these solutions may require the multi-disciplinary expertise of engineers, software programmers, hardware suppliers, our field installation partner and other specialists, we have a broad range of technical resources available, allowing us to meet most asset assessment needs.

After agreement on the conceptual solution approach, LifeSpan will provide its customers with a formal proposal, leading to an executable contract.  LifeSpan manages each project from beginning to end to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Step 2.  Pilot Program – For customers new to the advanced asset assessment process, LifeSpan recommends pilot programs of one to three structures to:

    • Validate ongoing information requirements.
    • Allow familiarization with information capture and interpretation.
    • Develop a basis for meeting ROI hurdles established during Step 1.
    • Provide a basis to plan, develop and implement a broader, more strategic asset management program.


Step 3.  Strategic Roll-out – Based upon the results of the pilot program and prioritization of known problems, LifeSpan can then implement a strategic asset management program.  During implementation, LifeSpan will continue to:

    • Insure information flows regularly and in an easy to interpret fashion.
    • Discuss with customers the need to further expand information capture.
    • Insure that all contracts are executed in a professional and timely manner.
    • Maximize the probability for our customers to obtain a return on investment.