We believe in providing substantial value for our clients.   Here is a sample of the testimonials from owners and consultants who have worked with us:


“The LifeSpan team was very professional and safety conscious while installing the sensors and equipment on the bridge.  They provided and continue to provide all the support we need to monitor the system.  I would recommend them to anyone.” — Northeastern Bridge Authority.


“LifeSpan provides targeted solutions for both short and long-term monitoring.  We have worked with them on multiple successful installations across the US.  Their equipment does what they say it does and they provide the proper technical support to get it up and running quickly.” — Mid-West Engineering Consultant.


“We have had zero issues with the system in nearly two years in a very harsh environment off the coast in North Carolina. On one occasion during a heavy storm event the entire area lost power, the LifeSpan system did not miss a reading; excellent system for long-term health monitoring.” — East Coast Engineering Consultant.


“… Our inspectors identified an unusual field condition requiring a unique repair strategy never used before.  We opted to verify the effectiveness of the repair by monitoring pre and post repair performance using displacement monitoring.  LifeSpan Technologies provided us with a simple, cost-effective monitoring solution that positively confirmed the repair method was effective, allowing us to confidently conduct similar repairs on other similar bridges.” — West Coast State DOT Professional Engineer.


“The LifeSpan team helped every step of the way, from providing information to get funding for the project approved, providing expert installers, and identifying partners to assist with the calibration of a 3D model of the bridge.  The LifeSpan team was most helpful and patient in working with a team composed of multiple partners and schedules.” — Mid-West Engineering Consultant.


“LifeSpan has been a trusted solution provider for over nine years. LifeSpan keeps its commitments and has done all work on a fixed price basis with no change orders. Their installed systems have stood the test of time in extreme weather conditions with many years of reliable, no-maintenance service.  Web site real-time and historical data is reliable and easy to obtain.  LifeSpan’s staff is always available for questions and willing to meet our needs.” — East Coast State DOT Professional Engineer.


“We used sensors manufactured by LifeSpan Technologies on several structures that we instrumented.  The sensors were always reliable and gave us data that helped all parties understand the true performance of the structure. By working directly with LifeSpan, they customized the sensor type based on what structural data was needed (strains, displacements, rotations).” — East Coast Engineering Consultant.


Names and contact information for individual testimonials are available upon request.